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Acting in a Murder Mystery


Improvisation is a form of acting that has always appealed to me. It was always the part of my training that I looked forward to the most as it allows the performer to create and above all else it is always different. Interacting with guests as a specific character in murder mysteries encompasses this very notion of creativity, freedom and most importantly fun. For us, the actors, the enjoyment we have in performing in these mini productions is key because if we are enjoying our performance it generally makes the experience far more entertaining for the guests.

The key element to interacting in this kind of live action theatre is to have a sense of fun with the participants. I like to keep things very relaxed, and I steer away from making the guests awkward in anyway. In my experience awkwardness tends to make people more self conscience and more likely to be closed to the experience. The more amiable you are, the more likely you are to get guests to participate. Obviously this can change if certain characters have different motives in the piece but the factor of play should always be present.

I have been a part of these murder mysteries for nearly 5 years now, the freedom and sense of fun given to us with the script and the calibre of fellow actors makes the environment extremely enjoyable. Being able to laugh with the guests whilst also remaining in character and continuing the story thread lends itself to a great evening for all involved.