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Finding out about Murder


A Murder Mystery is a fun immersive form of theatre suited to groups of people who have a taste for solving puzzles.

The essence of a Murder Mystery centres around guests interacting with actors who embody characters that are involved in a murderous tale. The main objective throughout this experience is for the guests to solve the crime and deduct who the murderer is from the handful of colourful characters.

Detective skills are a must but above all else the guests should feel a sense of enjoyment and fun from interacting with the suspects throughout the evening. During the course of the night, normally at breaks in service over dinner, there will be points where each suspect will be interviewed and grilled relating to the murder. Separated into teams, the guests will then have a chance to write their thoughts and then interview the suspects themselves trying to find clues and slip ups in order to source the culprit and discover their motive. The team with the correct suspect and motive will be crowned the winners and receive a mass of adulation from their peers as well as prizes for their efforts.

The key to the evening rests on the fact that everyone is comfortable and having fun. This importantly rests on the shoulders of the actors to ensure that everyone finds them approachable and in turn allow people to immerse themselves fully.

Murder Mysteries are a fantastic extra element to add to dinner parties and groups of people who are looking for something different from their evening.

Happy hunting detectives.