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How to win a Murder Mystery


You’ve picked your team, (or you’ve been made to sit next to certain people - beggars can’t be choosers eh?) you’ve got your team name ready (how many glasses of the good stuff you have beforehand will determine the brilliance of this choice) and yep, you’re raring to go! So, what’s next? Well, it’s always recommended to pick your lead detective. This wannabe Angela Lansbury will keep your team on track, they’ll also be writing a lot of notes so legible handwriting is a bonus. Pick wisely my friends.

So, with all that key activity out of the way, you’re wanting to know how do I win? Well, it’s quite simple really. Take yourselves back to the first time you crossed a road and the motto that went alongside this major learning curve in life: Stop, Look, Listen. There won’t be a fluorescent lollipop lady present but keep saying this motto to yourself from start to finish throughout the night, keep your ears open, your eyes peeled and trust me, you’ll come up trumps.

On the eve of the murder you’ll be taken on a hilarious journey by our characterful cast and they’ve got a lot to say! It’s not always about what they do say, it’s about what they’re not saying as well. The sly glances one way, mischievous glares and saucy smoulders the next. You may be lucky to get a wink yourselves! That could mean something of course, so don’t disregard such cheeky activity. Keep an eye on everyone because you’ll be let into clues that will open many doors for you. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box as well, we’re not too straight laced here at Murder Mystery Collective. We love a good pun, punchline, a bit of scandal and we also throw in a bit of subtext. (Got to give the clever detectives something to grab hold of now haven’t we?)

So there we have it. It really is as simple as that, just stop, (sit back, relax,) look and listen and winning will be easy. Yes, yes I adapted the saying slightly, you’ve got to have some fun as well now haven’t you!