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How to write a Murder Mystery


When it comes to dinner theatre we try to do things a bit differently. Rather than offering clients countless scores of badly written and strangely themed stories – we focus on offering less plots but ensuring they are of world-class quality. With a bit of clever writing; many of our plots can also be adjusted to match the theme of a client’s event.

We are currently going through the long and pain-staking process of writing a new script. It is a very careful method that involves weeks of planning and writing – ensuring that we have not only a convincing story with the right twist; but also brilliantly written comedic scenes too. After the writing is complete – we need to get it on its feet; so we take great care to rehearse and work with the actors before it is ready for its first outing.

From our point of view a good Murder Mystery should not be too complicated but contain just the right amount of intrigue and twists to keep the audience guessing. It is also important that every suspect has a strong motive for murder so that each character could have had a reason to kill the victim. Our main philosophy though is to ensure that the script is hilarious and so if you are joining us at one of dinner theatre events; you can expect to be entertained to within an inch of your life!