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To book or not to book


To book or not to book, that is the question…

If you find yourself sat at your computer pondering the mystery of murder you have either come to the decision to kill your spouse or the more favourable option: entertain them by witnessing somebody else kill theirs. Either way - both options will leave a lasting memory.

I guess the first question you should be asking yourself is “why book a Murder Mystery” followed by the second question: “why book Murder Mystery Collective?” I presume the most likely answer to the first question would be the desire to entertain your guests. If you are planning to book an event then it will most likely be for a special event. An entertainment company should never take for granted the investment bestowed on them and it is for this reason that you want a Murder Mystery that will return the favour and invest in you with its time, effort and quality. A good standard of performance isn’t always a given with such things but it very much should be expected. I’ve shared many a murder mystery performing with actors and writers alike whose work has graced the West End, so please know that exceptional quality is out there. Do your research, ask the right questions and have an understanding of what you want.

A point to make from my personal experience is that many companies take themselves far too seriously when it comes to the content and running the night. One should never underestimate the intellect of its audience but bear in mind that many of them will be drinking and the mood will be boisterous, which is prosaically what you will want. Hence the reason a large slice of comedy filtered throughout the night really will enhance the experience. You don’t want your guests leaving with a notion of “that was hard work” in their thoughts but rather a more joyous scenario of “what a great night was had”. There is a point to remember that great humour is what us British do best.

So to conclude, If the answer to your question of “why” is, that you’re in search of a fun filled, interactive, well-crafted performance to fill your night, then a Murder Mystery Collective performance would be right up your alley… Just be cautious as other alleyways can be pretty disagreeable, so do keep your eyes open.